Mgr. David Tygr Ploc, MBA
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About me

I have been working in the field of security since I was 18, when I started to do basic security activities. In the course of my security life, I have experienced working practically in all important security fields. I always use my experience when thinking of any topical security issue. I also complimented my practical experience by education in this field – I have received several professional certificates and graduated from security studies and received a master’s degree.


After more than twenty years of experience I can say that security is a dynamic and constantly developing field, essential for humanity…


I always endeavour to analyse every problem very deeply. Understanding the background is one of the core presumptions to create the ideal and safe solution/regime/rules…


I prefer a personal meeting which is essential to get to know the security problem you want to deal with. I do not like standardized fees for offered services.


I have been trying to go the way of prevention for several years, as prevention is always better than urgency. Urgency can be much more costly, especially when serious damage occurs. Prevention arises from experience. It is understandable that a negative experience influences how security managers work, especially when it comes to prevention. It is vital to learn from negative experience and prevent mistakes from happening again. Security experts are usually influenced by many years of their experience. An experienced specialist is able to evaluate the impact of concrete measures and find more convenient solutions according to the imminent threats. If the expert is able to learn from his or her own or from shared negative knowledge, it will be easy to find a positive solution to unfavourable risks.


Mgr. David Tygr Ploc