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About security

“Security is a set of measures and activities aiming to secure and develop the human system, i.e. to secure and develop protected interests.”


“Security is the current state of provision of stability, functionality and the existence of security assets in conditions of potential or real disruption by security threats.”


Security has always been a part of humanity. When looking into history, it can be said that security priorities are now completely different, but the core remains the same – to do the best to safeguard life, health and property. Compared to primitive way of life, when people lived in caves and their notion of security was to get enough food, water and to keep the fire going, today’s world poses many more threats. Security is developing with the progress of civilisation. People who are not experienced in the field of security may perceive security regarding current security threats as a new notion, yet its significance for humankind is incontestable. The existence of threats conditions the existence of security that adapts to developing threats and may be considered as dynamic. Security threats are proportional to the development of civilisation, and if the current or future civilisation wants to successfully face these threats, it must entrust security issues to ideal individuals. A security manager/specialist/expert is part of a modern security team when pursuing security policy not only in the public administration, but recently especially in private sector. More and more companies see security as a necessary part of the way to success. Should security be protected and maintained on a high level, it must be done only by specialists in this field who are able to deal with risks and security threats in any occasion.


Developed western countries have been following a verified and concise rule:


Safety first


Security manager/specialist/expert is a very practical and necessary component in the protection of all things important for the functioning of a company. In the private sector, it is necessary to adapt to security environment which is being formed and influenced by the kind of activity performed by the contracting authority that asks for a high-quality security policy.


Source: my own, successfully defended master’s thesis, CEVROINSTITUT 2015.